Our fifth coastal community celebration is just around the corner...take a look at the free day time festival and our evening lineup for our ticketed event Sidmouth Sea Fest Variety Night 2018...

https://youtu.be/VkW96zhPHQoSidmouth Sea Fest 2018

The Ham, Sidmouth,  Devon

Saturday 12th May

Our special focus on reducing single use plastics this year will kick off with a beach clean 10.00 till 11.00 with …

Join us on the Ham to turn the waste we find into coastal art.
All our food retailers and community organisations will use only bio-degradeable or recyclable materials.


Sidmouth Sea Fest Variety Night 2018 tickets are on sale…



The Vision

Coastal Community Celebration

The Vision of Sidmouth Sea Fest is the staging of an annual event that will celebrate the opportunities afforded on, in and from the sea.

Sidmouth Sea Fest aims to celebrate and advocate the vibrant coastal community of Sidmouth and encourage a spirit of shared place.

We invite local clubs, enterprises, schools and the public to an annual event that showcases the activities, heritage and education connected to the sea and coast that Sidmouth offers to local people and visitors.

Through this, we aim to preserve, encourage and advocate;

  • Community cohesion, participation and inclusion
  • Education & Heritage
  • Maritime & Fisheries
  • Employment, Training & Apprenticeships
  • The Arts
  • Responsible Tourism
  • Sustainability and the Environment
Who runs it


Sidmouth Sea Fest is run completely by volunteers and any assets go towards subsequent event planning for following years.  

Our thanks go to the many friends, family and community volunteers who help us.

Since we started in 2014 we have been supported through various grants and donations. 

In 2018 we are grateful to all our funders & sponsors…


Sidmouth Sea Fest Community Choir

Creating a sense of wellbeing through our community choir, bringing community members of all ages together to share the joy of singing and connecting with our fishing heritage through sea shanties.  The choir is led by Tess Bisson, who skilfully brings people and voices together.




Sidmouth Sea Fest Community Choir sing Herrings Head


Sidmouth Seafest Community Choir sing Crossing the Bar


Details & Merchandise


The Ham, Port Royal, Sidmouth, Devon.


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