Sidmouth School of Art

in collaboration with artist David Shrigley, OBE

a concept that promotes art and creativity everywhere
in everything and in everyone.


 “Our task in the arts is to enable people to feel together and think for themselves; instead of thinking together, and feeling alone.”   Sir Ken Robinson


The beautiful coastal town of Sidmouth is the perfect place to inspire us all.

Our Aims:

  • Nurturing creativity, health and wellbeing through art and culture, our concept of “school” aims to build creative confidence, talent and self-belief.
  • Our art projects and collaborative cultural opportunities are designed for people, especially young people – to flourish.
  • We are developing the art and cultural profile of Sidmouth to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of the community and those who visit.

 Launch Project


Sidmouth Wall Space 

Transforming this unloved wall overlooking a car park at Port Royal in Sidmouth into a public gallery space.

Curating exhibitions that change regularly for artworks that inspire, engage and encourage our creative minds.

 Installed 14th May 2021

Billboard 1 – How Are You Feeling? 

Watch our film all about the process

Artists: Sidmouth College Students aged 11 to 14 years, 2021

A composition of 60 self-portraits, line drawings in black and white.
Each portrait is an expression of individual identity, capturing
thoughts and feelings which reflect the everyday and the not so
everyday of life during Covid.

Collectively the artwork reflects different outlooks of young people in
Sidmouth; humorous, fleeting, whimsical, random, sad, happy and
reflective. This piece is a narrative of its time, gives voice to our
young people, respects difference and is a reminder that creative
activities can help us to share how we are feeling.

Working with the students to explore identity and responses to
lockdowns, virtual home-school, more time with family and less with
friends, facing anxieties and discovery of great resilience was a
privilege and we thank them all for their openness.

We used simple line drawing as the medium encouraging all the students to have fun
and to build confidence in their creativity.

Graphic Design: Yvonne Quirmbach


Our 2nd billboard

The Tree on the Hill

by Robert Darch

A lone tree on a hill photographed during the Spring Covid lockdown
of 2020, Devon, England.

Robert Darch is a British artist-photographer based in the South
West of England.

Robert’s practice is motivated by the experience of place, in which
the physical geography and material cultures of places merge with
impressions from contemporary culture that equally influence perception.

From these varied sources, both real and imagined, he
constructs narratives that help contextualise a personal response to

These 10 images from the original artwork have been composed by
Robert for Sidmouth Wallspace.

The Tree on The Hill reflects a feeling of hope and is a narrative of
its time in its consideration of how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted
on our notion of freedom. Supported by The Box, Plymouth.

This piece is part of a collaborative project with Sidmouth Photographic
Club focusing on people and place.

Watch our film about this project: